Diagnostic adapter UCDS

Buying and understanding of the cost of purchased adapter.

Licensing adapter

Adapter Licences are divided into two types: Basic and Full
The full license allows unlimited anything (nor on the use of time or by binding to a PC), access to existing sections of the software, such as: VBF Loader, Update Wizard and Direct Config.

VBF Loader – section UCDS design software, allowing yourself to load the modules in the Ford brand vehicles, the various files in the format .VBF

Update Wizard – section UCDS design software that allows to update the software of different brands of Ford cars modules in accordance with the latest IDS software databases, subject to the availability of files on the servers. Attention! Not all modules can be updated via the data section, because update files or not laid out in the server (security policy) or module is an alternative way to update their own software (eg via USB or SD card).

Direct Config – section UCDS design software that allows for the configuration of the various modules of Ford directly. A distinctive feature of car Ford Mondeo 5.
For information: Car Ford Mondeo 5 can only be configured via this section.

System of tokens

At this point in the project there is the commercial component, which is expressed in credits 4 levels.

Token 1 lvl. – The cost is 10EUR – mainly serve to clear runs, increase engine power by programming staff at higher power (eg Ford Focus 3 150HP -> 163HP), Russification recorder Sony 2nd Generation (pink lights \ plastic central volume control), programming Car Ford Focus 2 2008gv continue to function when closing Autofold mirrors \ arming, as well as various additional operations.

Token 2 lvl. – The cost is 40EUR – are used for the programming of a custom software dashboards Converse + for Ford Mondeo4 \ S-Max \ Galaxy from Motral producer (Moscow), which includes various optsional a display operation parktronikov in LED dashboard screen, as well as other additional information not provided in the standard version.

Token 3 lvl. – The cost is 80EUR – serve only for TUNED firmware programming for cars Ford, by producer Andrew Buneeva (St. Petersburg)

Token 4 lvl. – The cost is 80EUR – serve only for TUNED firmware programming for cars Ford, from Motorsoft producer


Base cost of adapter is 100EUR– it’s just the hardware.

Further, the adapter costs calculated by the formula: 100EUR+ (Tk1 * 10EUR) + (Tk2 * 40EUR) + (Tk3 * 80EUR) + (Tk4 * 80EUR) + Fl * 80EUR

where Tkr1-4 – are tokens 1-4 levels – Fl is a full license

Attention! For the adapter functionality, it MINIMUM must be at least 1 token 1lvl, which can also be used at any time to the destination.

Example of calculation of the adapter 1 token 1 lvl 2 tokens of 3 lvl and full license: 100EUR+ (1 * 10EUR) + (0 * 40EUR) + (2 * 80EUR) + (0 * 80EUR) + 1 * 80EUR= 270EUR

The minimum cost of the adapter 1 token lvl 1: 100EUR+ (1 * 10EUR) + (0 * 40EUR) + (0 * 80EUR) + (0 * 80EUR) + 0 * 80EUR= 110EUR

Payment and shipping

Shipping cost via Airmail servise is cost 10EUR

Payment can be made ONLY to a Paypal account. Also total cost will be added with 6% charge (Paypal charges)


To order an adapter to contact the developers email: zhukov.a.m@mail.ru (Anatoly Zhukov) or dimonkur@mail.ru (Dmitry Kurashov)