MKZ IPC Into Fusion UCDS Issues

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So I posted this on the 2gFusion Forum and thought I would do so here too.

I have a '17 Fusion Sport with a '16 MKZ cluster and Mondeo lense. I am using the UCDS VBF loader to try and flash the CD391 firmware to the IPC with the '16 Mondeo files. I am using in order from first file to fifth, EJ7T-14C025-AA.vbf as the SBL, then using, GS7T-14C026-AJE.vbf, GS7T-14C026-BJE.vbf, GS7T-14C088-AJE.vbf, and GS7T-14C088-BJE.vbf. I have the the Model of Car set at MKZ[CD533] - 2013>, Year of Car set to MY16, CAN-BUS set to HS3 for the files to flash, but it never gets that far.

The cluster information on the back is as follows:
P/N: GP5T-10849-CE
CAL ID is CD533
Made on Nov 14, 2015

It keeps telling me 'Failed to receive HW part number.' The cluster lights up and raises all kinds of hell with it's warnings on the display, which is expected. I have the latest version of UCDS on Windows 10 Pro and am already in CAN-BUS mode before I can even click on VBF Loader. My car is always key on/engine off when trying to flash.
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Set HS2 bus (need click on tab for choose)

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