Can' modify Sync3 DE07,DE08

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Can' modify Sync3 DE07,DE08

Сообщение fffog » 14 мар 2019, 14:53

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Anybody know how to modify APIM(Sync3)DE07 and DE08?
I always got write error after saving....
but some vehicle can save and some vehicle will not.

Re: Can' modify Sync3 DE07,DE08

Сообщение Diamondear » 15 мар 2019, 11:43

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I mounted the APIM Sync3 MY18.5 (EU Version) on my Mondeo 2017 and I can easily write the sectors DE07 and DE08.

Old APIM is MY17 Sync3 EU Version.

There is always the problem that if instead the configuration is saved and I want to import it, from a systematic error, because there are some options that cannot be written.
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