save the PCM from the car

Сообщение Benutzername » 13 дек 2018, 19:18

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Ist it possible to save the PCM from a Car and put it on another Car?

Re: save the PCM from the car

Сообщение zaqik » 20 дек 2018, 20:50

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no with UCDS

Re: save the PCM from the car

Сообщение melloon » 14 янв 2019, 18:32

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What tool can do this ?
I need replace PCM in Focus 3

Re: save the PCM from the car

Сообщение sev611 » 15 янв 2019, 01:15

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fords ids or global fdrs you have to initialise pats again with the other modules and program VIN in pcm
if it is a chipped module there is a chance that it will be deleted when initialiseing it because it migth be updated automaticly by ford system
sometimes we get an update when we do it also if we dont ask for it .it will update by it self
rgds sev

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